First days in Sydney

travel has been good except a truck that was in my lane and wanted to bring me back in Mildura. Luckily the driver realised that bring me back wasn’t a good idea and swerved back in his lane!

Since Canberra was on the way back, I decided to visit it. The city is very small and very “precise”. Visiting it become clear that it has been built to be the perfect capital. The buildings are squared and give you an impression of seriousness. The Parliament House is incredible, built on a hill like a castle and with the view on the city. Just below there is the old Parliament House, which is now the museum of democracy. Interesting to learn something about the history of Australian government.

Parliament House Canberra
When I arrived in Sydney I realised that the car was not an advantage anymore. In Sydney all the parkings are with fee and limit of time. I have been changing place for all the afternoon and driving for an hour in the between to find a new parking spot. With a friend’s help I found the next morning a super secret free and unlimited spot! The car is going to stay there forever. At least till I’ll sell it. (:
After I’ve solved the first glitch, I focused my attention on the second big problem: to buy Nutella that had finished during the travel! 🙂
Everything is now along the right lines, Italy have won the first match of football world championship (my english flatmates of my new shared-apartment are not happy 🙂 ) and I’m ready to start the IELTS preparation!

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