hat in Australia you’re likely to be killed by anything that moves . The spiders and snakes escape, the crocodile will eat you only if you decide to go for a swim where it says “do not swim – danger crocodiles”, and kangaroos do not want to punch you but they just look at you curiously before running off.
The spiders are dangerous but if you ask an Australian “should I be worried?” he will answer you “haha no worries! They’re just spiders.” If you have been here for at least a couple of weeks in your life, you probably know the Redback spider, a very common spider in Australia that belong to the family of the black widow. Excellent choice Australia! They said..

On September 12th, 2013 I left Italy to come to Australia. My goal after the departure was to change life, meet new people, learn English and look for new job opportunities. After a while in Sydney I realised that finding a good job wasn’t so easy in a year without a good English and after 4 months I decided to look for work in an Australian farm to get the opportunity to extend my visa (the Working Holiday Visa allows italians to stay a year in Australia and it can only be done once in a lifetime unless you work for 88 days on a farm).
I’m in a town called Mildura in the state of Victoria and I live in a shared house with other guys. Here I’m working a farm that produces dessert grapes and right here often I meet the little spider with the red strip! Fortunately me and my scissors have the best and the little murder remains without legs or split in 2.
I’ll probably stay here for the next 2 months to complete my days. The job is boring but at least I can save some money that will be helpful soon. The environment is often fun with the turkish supervisor who repeats the usual few English sentences he knows (“too much green!”, “good clean, after table!”, “smoko finish! Come here!”, “good boy, good boy!”).
This is the work of art created by a canadian guy (nicknamed “Rambo” by the supervisor) during the job (that sometimes become fairly boring) 🙂 :

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