The IT job


The IT job, the main goal I was aiming for. I came back in Sydney about 2 months ago and since then I’ve been studying for preparing the IELTS exam. The course is now finished and my tests’ scores are around 7, which is a pretty good score. The exam will be soon, only one month before the end of my first year in Australia.

A few days ago was my birthday, and if I think about how many things happened from my last birthday it doesn’t seem real. I left Italy, I studied English for 2 months, found a job and worked every weekend. I got bored and I left Sydney after I celebrated the new year eve and saw the famous Sydney fireworks. I worked in farm, met people and saw amazing places (and my first kangaroo) 🙂 .. I started then an IELTS preparation course in Sydney and now it is finished. My exam will be very soon and the tension pre-exam start to grow.

Well, let’s talk about the title of this post: the IT job. I appositely used the past to say that I was aiming for a job in IT in the beginning of the post. The reason is that I’ve finally got a job a few weeks ago after heavy job hunting through LinkedIn, and online recruitment agencies! 🙂 Needless to say how happy I was. I had been looking for a similar job in November 2013 and I didn’t receive positive answers. My English wasn’t as good as today and I was probably using the wrong method. Now I was a bit discouraged, but when I received a call and I’ve been asked for an interview, I realised that this time it would be different.
The company name is Azteq and the responsibilities are a bit different from the ones in my previous job. After the first weeks of training through a heap of video courses, I’m now starting to get used to. This is an opportunity to learn new things and, of course, to do my first Australian experience in IT.


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