Goodbye Australia

Here I am, my 7 months left of Working Holiday Visa have expired and the choice of what to do next has been made. 🙂 but wait.. let’s go back.
Imagine a puzzle. You know how to solve it because you did it already in the past, but now there is no way you can solve it again. You try and try again but you can’t get over it! But you know you can.. And you just need not to give up.
Well, during my first 2 months in Brisbane I was in the same situation: finding a job in IT was my puzzle. I spent almost everyday sending resumes and cover letters around and finding alternative ways to get the job but I could not get it! The reason of this was my temporary visa but I knew it was possible because I got one in Sydney the year before and that was the reason why I did not give up until one day an email enlighted me; finally an employer wanted to see me, and after a first interview, I started to work in Brisbane.


From that day things went quite fine in Brisbane. But clearly, in my mind I was already thinking about what to do next. My visa was not endless and days were passing. . . But there was a news in my mind. It was already sometime that I was thinking about a new passion. Communication, interactions with people, and psychology was something I was thinking all the time. I had been reading about social psychology for over 2 years and I started to like it more than I liked IT. This was the reason why, once I got a job, my focus moved from looking for work, to applying for a bachelor in Europe. Getting a sponsor in Australia and stay there was an option; being accepted and start to study was another.


My visa was almost finished, and I didn’t have neither a sponsorship, nor a reply from universities. I then start thinking about a third alternative, but as soon as I started planning, a recruitment agency called me saying that there was the possibility for a sponsorship for a job in the Gold Coast, Australia. Finally, after almost 2 years wishing for it, I had a possibility to get it. But that was not all because after only 2 days the university of Maastricht (the Netherlands) sent me an email saying that I was accepted to the psychology course.

The decision on what to do got though. Trying to stay in Australia or start to study? The decision would have shaped my life for the next years. I had spent all my years after high school focusing on IT and I had experience in it, but psychology was what I liked the most. After thinking about it for a few days, I figure out that what I wanted was to do what I liked and that once again I had the possibility to start a new life from the beginning. I am very happy with my choice to study now and Maastricht is amazing.


Before coming back to Europe I visited Philippines for a week. But I will talk about it more in my next articles (I won’t take months to write the next one this time) 🙂

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