ref=””>Sydney, I’ll miss you.. I was thinking while the city with its tower and the Harbour Bridge was running in front of me for the last time. I was in the car in the direction of Cobram, a small town on the Murray River (the river that marks the border between New South Wales and Victoria). Finally I was seeing something different from Sydney and closer to the real Australia, not skyscrapers and not noise, just a endless uninhabited land and 3 traelmates with whom to share an adventure. I, 2 German boys and a Canadian girl. The project: to work for at least a month in a farm and then travel to Australia to visit it and finish the 3 months of farmjob required for the second WHV.
Needless to say, how much fun and how many people you can meet on a trip like this. This is the reason why all the people who have made a similar adventure can not wait to leave again.
The vast majority of backpackers present in Cobram were French and in the evening rather than being in Australia, it seemed to be on the outskirts of Paris. We slept in camp on a beach on the shore of the river. There, finally, I saw the kangaroos! And I laughed out loud when I’ve seen how they were hopping! They were looking curiously and running of if you tried to go closer.IMG_1434
During the stay I began to understand that the initial plan didn’t go as it should because we had a different projects in our minds but the transport was one. I had to find a solution.
In Cobram for the first time I heard the Australian language (they say is English but I do not believe it!). Hear and be able to understand the tractor driver in the farm or the ranger who was doing his classic ride on the river bank was impossible. “Is that shila staying with ya? And is that bloke over there traveling with ya? “:-)
We’ve been in Cobram for about a month and we picked eggplants, pears, peaches and nectarines. We’ve slept in New South Wales and went in Victoria in the day to work. In the evening, in ‘Paris’, on the other bank of the river in the company of other backpackers to cook.
We left Cobram the end of February to go in Melbourne passing through the mountains. What I will always remember of Cobram? The first kangaroos and koala sighted (and his soft fur 🙂 ), the Australian language, the legendary tractor driver in the farm and the little Paris

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