Banana land

Here I am, Sydney again. People are waiting the train at the station like me and since I have to wait another hour this is the best time for me to write for my blog. 🙂

Well, I’ve written my last post when I was back in Italy, and now I’m back in Sydney. My time Italy has been amazing for me and at the end I decided to stay 1 month more. I went to ski for the third time and this time I wasn’t falling down all the time but I managed to have fun! I like to ski and I’d like to improve. Australia opened me so many possibilities and options but skiing is not very possible here. (:

I still have 7 months of Working Holiday Visa in Australia and then I’ll have to choose what to do. Since during 7 months anything could happens I can’t make a decision now because I might change my mind. I’m going to evaluate every option very well in a few months.

The news are that I’m leaving Sydney and going to bananaland! The train is coming at the station and I’ll be soon in Brisbane (if you are wondering why the train and not the plane it’s because after all this time in Australia I collected new clothes and new stuff and my luggage was definitely out of weight making a flight too expensive! 🙂

I’m going to start again from nothing. Let’s see what happens. I’m looking forward to put a new flag on the world map and I’m curious to see what Queensland is like.


Arrived in Brisbane. Well, the station looks like a station, it’s 6am, there are 21 degrees and they’re going to be 30 today. I’ve done almost 14 hours on the train and I’m surprise that I don’t feel all these hours traveling as much as I used to do in the past. I need to wait 1 hour now and I’ll then reach the hostel where I’ll rest a bit before to start to organise my stay in Queensland capital. 🙂


One day is gone. Brisbane is better than I thought. I was scared to go in a place way too small but it’s actually fine and I like it! Yesterday I’ve been walking around and doing stuff all day. It’s cleaner than Sydney and I really like the city. The only thing that worries me now is to find a job. I got up early today and I’m now at the State Library of Queensland. I love the fact that there is free wifi in the library and all around the city! The connection is also pretty good and I don’t even need any username and password to login. Let’s start the job hunting.. I hope to have good news for the next post. 😉


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