Back in Sydney

o back in Sydney. (:
After my last 3 months in Mildura and around, I’ve finally got my days of farmjob and all what it takes to stay for a second year in Australia.LRGMelbourneFriendsMilduraFriends After the grapes season I’ve had to struggle a bit to find others jobs but now I can leave the rural life and keep going toward my goals.
I’ll miss this place. The farmwork is hard but useful against stress.
I’ve known a lot of people in this adventure and I hope to meet everybody again !! (: I’ll miss you!

The next step when I’ll be in Sydney? To reap the fruits (or rather the rewards, I don’t want to pick fruit anymore) of my trip in Australia.
The Australian government require the IELTS certification for most of the cases if you are immigrant and you want a professional job. That is one of the biggest obstacle that who want a career in Australia have to deal with. I’ll leave Mildura in the next days to start a course of IELTS preparation next week. I’m looking forward to see my friends in Sydney and to start a new school!
Now I’ll start to put together my stuff and plan my return. (:

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