Back in Italy

I don’t know how many of you can understand, but after all this days far from home I have to admit it, I miss Italy, my family and my friends. That is why I decided it’s time to go back. I’m going to be in Italy from the beginning of the next month, and I’ll stay till the end of it. Australia has become my responsibilities, Italy is where I would like to go for holiday. The countdown is there and I would like to see days going down as minutes. I remember when I was in Italy, waiting for the day to leave for Sydney. Now, like in that moment, I’m excited and I can’t wait.
I know, soon I’ll probably realise the difficulties and problems which are still there, and I’ll understand what make me take the decision to leave. The experience of living for a long time time out of Italy forced me to see that there is a lot more than what people can see in Italy. Many cultures, many people and many ideas. But after all this time I really want to see my parents and look at their surprised faces! It will be an astonishing surprise. 🙂


I’have written those words 1 month ago and now, I’m finally at Home. The big 26 hours travel has been heavy and I’m now getting back from the jet leg. I would say I also enjoyed the travel because I was thinking about my people in Italy. I also got an Heineken at the Dubai airport to have user and password and connect to the free Heineken wi-fi hotspot. When I arrived at home my parents did not believe to their eyes. My cousin was with no words and my best friend couldn’t stop jumping for his happiness 🙂
Very nice to hear people talking Italian around me and understand every single word. Less nice to see that the problems are still here and the media didn’t stop to distract people with useless stuff. I didn’t find difficult to drive on the right again but I did notice the differences between the angry italian drivers and the “take it easy” aussie drivers. Everything is like I never left and if Sydney and Australia has been only a long dream and now I’m awake. Only now, after a few days I’m beginning to realise that there is something more in me.
November 22nd was the day of my Academic IELTS exam and I will receive the results in 2 days. With big ideas in mind I’ll now wait the result, enjoy my month at home and plan what to do once I’ll be back in Australia again. Australia 2015 will be even better than Australia 2014.

My little town Canneto Pavese greeted me with a ‘Welcome back’ on the heart which became by the time Canneto’s logo. 🙂


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