After 1 year in Australia

The Opera House was just in front of the Harbour Bridge and was slowly flowing to the left while I was on the boat moving inside the bay. Like a picture, the classic image of Harbour Bridge with the Opera House on its left was about to appear, and I was there realising that I was finally in Sydney. That time it was not a picture, but I could see it with my own eyes.

One year ago I was just arrived in Sydney, I was confused and excited for the new world. I remember I was trying to have conversation with people in the homestay but I couldn’t understand half of what they were saying. I recall I was sometimes struggling even to order a sandwich or something to eat.
My mind get full if I think how many things happen since then. Australia have given me the possibility to meet people from everywhere in the world. Australia has been one of the best choices of my life. It was not only a dream as I thought 2 years ago but it was really possible. The only thing I had to do to make it real was to stop to think about Australia and begin to work for it. Thus, I chose a city, organised my visa and bought the ticket. That was all, Australia was not a dream anymore.

I have now been in Australia for more that one year. During this year I have never felt like I was learning new things but now. Similarly to my English, this experience taught me a little more every day. Now at the end of one year, I’m looking back surprised about how many things changed and how many fantastic people I met. I grew up a lot, and I’ve became more responsible, independent and free.

Opera HarbourBridge

This last month has been the moment for me to sum up what I’ve done and figure out what to do next. The outcome has been that to stay in Australia for more than 2 years does not seem to be worth it for what I’ve in mind. The reason is that it seems impossible now for me to use the General Training IELTS certification I’ve got and my experience in IT to get a better visa and stay for longer. The Australian government requires more years of experience in IT if a not graduate person wants to stay. The option I have if I want to stay is to apply for a Student Visa and start the university. Although the idea to start a university programme attracts me a lot, in Australia international students do not have many choices for the courses and the courses are extremely expensive. However, with the English I now have the possibility to start my studies in a different country in the world. To make it real though, I need to take again the IELTS exam (Academic module and not General Training) and save money.
A second year in Australia has started and I’m ready to make it even more constructive than the first. 🙂

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